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Officer Jon Coutchie

September 22, 2013 - Laguna Beach Police Department

Officer Jon Coutchie was killed while responding to a call of a speeding motorist who had evaded another officer. Officer Coutchie was heading north on South Coast Highway, looking for the vehicle, when he collided with a Chevrolet pickup truck at the intersection of Cleo Street. Officer Coutchie died at the scene of the collision. He is survived by his mother, father, brother, step-sister and loving girlfriend.

Officer Steven L. Phillips

January 29, 2004 - Westminster Police Department

Officer Steven Phillips was killed in a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Trask Avenue and Jackson Street. The incident occurred when the driver of another vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign while turning onto Trask Avenue. Officer Phillips' motorcycle struck the driver's side door of the other vehicle. He was transported to a hospital in Huntington Beach where he died one hour later as a result of his injuries. The driver of the car also died as a result of his injuries. Officer Phillips is survived by his wife Sandy, his father and two brothers.

Corporal Tyler M. Pinchot

September 21, 2003 - Buena Park Police Department

On the afternoon of June 13, 2003, Motor Officer Corporal Pinchot was assigned to traffic enforcement detail in his city and was pursuing a traffic violator when he was accidentally struck from the rear by a vehicle traveling in the same direction. Pinchot suffered major injuries to his head and other areas of his body. He was airlifted to the UCI Medical Center in Orange in critical condition and remained at that facility in a coma until his death on September 21. Tyler is survived by his wife, Susie Snider-Pinchot, three stepchildren, his mother and father, two brothers and three sisters.

Sergeant Matthew Davis

September 22, 2002 - Orange County Sheriff's Department

Sergeant Davis was on motorcycle patrol in Mission Viejo when a vehicle driven by a 17-year-old girl struck him. Davis, 38, sustained major head injuries when his motorcycle collided with a vehicle turning left from eastbound La Sierra onto northbound Marguerite. After stopping at a traffic intersection's stop sign, the driver pulled out in front of him. Davis, a skilled motorcycle rider who promoted safety, was a 16-year law enforcement veteran. Matthew is survived by his wife, Tammy; children, Jonathon, 13, Jessica, 11, and Julianna, 7; and mother,Mary Huffman.

Deputy Steven E. Parson

June 24, 2000 - Orange County Sheriffs Department

Deputy Parsons 36, was mortally injured June 19, when a driver traveling 50 miles an hour ran a red light at an intersection in Aliso Viejo, striking his motorcycle. He remained in a medically induced coma at Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center in Mission Viejo until June 24, when family members authorized doctors to remove him from life support. Deputy Parsons is survived by his wife, Kathy; his daughter,Kelsey, 6; son, Nathan, 3; and his parents.

Officer Edwin R. Jensen

March 3, 1931 - Santa Ana Police Department

Edwin R. Jensen, was a thirty-four-year-old Santa Ana Police Department Traffic Officer who died on March 3, 1931, after crashing his motorcycle while chasing a speeding vehicle on east First Street in Santa Ana. The accident occurred February 28. He had sustained severe head injuries in the accident and was taken to the Santa Ana Valley Hospital by citizens who had witnessed the accident. Officer Jensen was a thirteen month veteran of the Santa Ana Police Department at the time of his death.

Officer Le Roy Darst

October 12, 1928 - Huntington Beach Police Department

On October 12, 1928, a rainy Friday morning, Officer W. L. Evans, a ten month member of the Force, and Officer LeRoy Darst, with less than a week in police work, were driving South on Main Street approaching Crest Street en route to a reported traffic accident. The first rain of the season made driving treacherous, and as Officer Evans applied the brakes, the police car swerved across the street and collided with an oncoming car. Officer Darst was knocked unconscious and died from a skull fracture a short time later. LeRoy who was 43 years old, was survived by his wife, Helen.

Officer Lauren E. Hurd

March 31, 1927 - Orange County Traffic

Officer Lauren Emerey Hurd, 26, youngest of the Orange County Traffic Officers, died in the Santa Fe hospital, Los Angeles, at 8:25 a.m. on March 31, as the result of an operation when surgeons attempted to permanently correct a fractured arm, suffered in an accident 16 months earlier. The indirect cause of Hurd's death was a motorcycle accident on South Main Street, near Delhi on Nov. 9, 1925. His machine collided with an automobile, reported to have been suddenly driven out onto the highway from a cross street. Hurd suffered a fractured right arm just above the elbow. The injury was not considered serious at the time.

Officer Guy Stanley Jim Matthews

May 12, 1924 - Orange County Traffic

Guy Stanley “Jim” Matthew joined the Orange County Traffic Squad as a motorcycle officer in April of 1924. In 1929, the CHP absorbed the squad along with many other traffic related departments. On the afternoon of May 8, 1924 Matthews was on duty traveling south on Main Street at the intersection of Camile Street. A motorist traveling north on Main Street made a turn ahead of Officer Matthews who was traveling at about 30 MPH and may not have seen the motorist crossing in front of him. Officer Matthews was thrown off his motorcycle and his left foot severely mangled from the accident. Officer Matthews was transported to Orange County Hospital (now UC Irvine) where his foot was amputated. Gangrene settled into the fresh amputation and on May 12, 1924 another amputation was performed above the left knee. Officer Matthews died on the operating table during the surgery. Source: